Photo Background Removal

Remove background for any photo and apply it to different designs, layouts, graphics and other visual presentations.

Remove backgrounds automatically in seconds

Create a transparent background for your beautiful photos, so that way you can the new image into a variety of new designs and presentations. With just a few clicks, a masterpiece is in your fingertips and attracts your audience's attention to the part which matters most in your photo.

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Replace background

Place your cutout on a colored backdrop, or set another image as a new background to put your subject in a completely new environment.

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High Quality result with alpha matting

Get better results by enabling alpha matting. This technique is used to softly extract the foreground from an image. As a result the extracted image will provide more refined details.

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Apply effects to background

Highlight the photo's subjects can be never so easy with Visual Paradigm Online. Besides making the background transparent, you can different photo effects to your background, such as bur and grayscale.

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Hue cutout

Instantly turn your photos into art by applying a hue filter to your cutout.

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