Celebrating Christmas Flyer Blue And Yellow Flyer About Christmas Celebration

Celebrating Christmas Flyer

Do you like to celebrate Christmas? Do you want to invite people to celebrate Christmas together? If the answer is "yes", I think you may need this flyer! This is a celebrating Christmas flyer template, it is for propaganda the Christmas event, it has a blue color tone, a Christmas illustration, and some celebrating Christmas information. This is a useful template because it is beautiful and can use in other events, this flyer is created by InfoART, it will certainly win the favor of people and attract them to come to your Christmas event.

Not sure if it's the right flyer for you? Explore the InfoART library for an extensive collection of editable Christmas flyer templates!

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フライヤー Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
827 x 1169 px

Celebrating Christmas

Date: 17 - 24 December

Location: Special Sale For You