World Whiskey Day Photographic Flyer

World Whiskey Day Photographic Flyer

"World Whiskey Day" was established in 2012 to bring whisky lovers together to celebrate, and hope that people who are in contact with whiskey can also taste the whiskey on this day and promote whisky knowledge and culture. This flyer is created for World Whiskey Day, this flyer features a black and white whiskey photo be a background and a yellow color tone. This flyer is designed with InfoART, an intuitive flyer design software. You can replace the product photo with your own one, edit the text, color choice, and font selection. You can also add more shapes, illustrations, and icons from the many choices in InfoART's asset library, or upload image files of your own from your device. Then, your own flyer will be perfectly complete.

Not sure if it's the right flyer for you? Explore the InfoART library for an extensive collection of editable other exhibition flyer templates!

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フライヤー Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
827 x 1169 px

World Whiskey Day - May 15

World Whiskey Day invites everyone to raise a dream and celebrate the water of life.