The Action Priority Matrix (APM) is a tool that enables you to make the most of your time by helping you select the right tasks and opportunities. It is suitable for anyone who is stressed, overwhelmed and in need of help to get their work done; By making sure you're spending time on the right tasks.

The Elements of Action Priority Matrix

This matrix looks a lot like the Eisenhower matrix and is also a decision-making tool. However, activities are rated not on the basis of their importance and urgency, but on the basis of their efforts and impact in the action priority matrix.

The action priority matrix consists of four quadrants, which are used to describe four different types of activities. Using this priority matrix, you can first rate the tasks or to-do lists based on your workload, and then rate the tasks based on their impact.

  1. Quick Wins - High impact, low effort

  2. Major Projects - High impact, high effort

  3. Fill Ins - Low impact, low effort

  4. Thankless Tasks - Low impact, high effort

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