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Flower Blossom Spring Quote Twitter Quote Flower Blossom Spring Quote Twitter Quote このテンプレートを編集する
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After the chilly winter months, spring is when the natural world resuscitates and regenerates. Plants that have been inactive for a while start to grow anew in the spring, and animals that have been hibernating come out of their rest.

This Twitter post sample was created for the spring season. This simple Twitter post was created for the flower blossom of spring. In this template, an image of flowers is used as the photo background of the Twitter post which suits the theme of spring. A long quote related to spring is designed in the middle of the template as well. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. Using the online design tool Visual Paradigm Online, you can select from dozens of works of art in numerous categories. You can choose any work of art and drag it easily onto the canvas.

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ツイッター投稿 Template Specifications:
Dominant Color
1600 x 900 px

"I am in awe of flowers. Not because of their colors, but because even though they have dirt in their roots, they still grow. They still bloom."

- D. Antoinette Foy