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Film Festival Promotion Flyer

Do you like films? A film festival is an event that commits to developing film culture and promoting film art, this special festival also will hold on every year. This flyer template is created for the film festival, it has a white and gray color tone, some line and shape design, film festival information. If you want to propaganda the film festival event, you can try to use this special flyer template to create your own flyer design. This special flyer template is created from a creative flyer maker tool InfoART, you can try to use this tool to edit this special flyer template and create your own flyer. This special tool can help you to edit the image, the text, the color, or anything you want on the flyer template. Let try to use this tool to create your beautiful flyer design!

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Dominant Color
827 x 1169 px

2020 Film Festival - May 1 to May 7

Opening Party

Date & Time: April 30 | 7PM

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