Hexagonal Four Quadrant Model

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BCG Matrix of Coca Cola Example

The drawing tool, Visual Paradigm Online (VP Online), supports BCG Matrix, UML, ERD and Organization Chart. You can draw BCG Matrix quickly through the intuitive drawing editor.

BCG Matrix template: BCG Matrix of Coca Cola (Created by InfoART's BCG Matrix maker)

  1. Star business (Star): high growth / high share - Stars have high investment because of high growth, Because of the high share and high income, the net profit is offset under the two-phase trade-off. This mainly depends on the amount of capital investment. They evolved from Question Mark. After companies continue to invest, they are expected to become the next Cash Cow. But the premise is that the company must continue to develop the market.

  2. Question Mark: High-growth-low-share - problem-based business is high consumption due to high growth, but low income due to low share, causing money-losing business. Question Mark may become Star as the company strives to increase its market share. But not every Question Mark has the potential and strength

  3. Cash Cow: Low growth-high share - They are the leaders in mature markets. Although their prospects are limited, they still generate milked energy. The SBU enjoys the advantages of economies of scale and experience curve. As long as the market share is maintained, companies can use it to pay for the cash flow of the other three businesses.

  4. Skinny dog ​​business (Dog): low growth-low share - usually skinny dog ​​business does not attract special attention, they do not have big ups and downs, but still occupy the minimum capital and human resources (cash trap), the company must be liquidated as soon as possible Drop (liquidate) Dog SBU.

Customizable: This is a BCG Matrix template for you to start quick. It can be customized within minutes. Feel free to edit its content, change colors, fonts and more.

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