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Easter, also known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a Christian celebration and cultural holiday that honors the resurrected life of Jesus, who was crucified by the Romans and buried three days later. Many people celebrate this days by egg hunting activities and special sales, this is an email header created for company who would like to greeting their cilents on these special day! It is in a combination of vibrant blue and yellow color, topping up with cute Easter egg illustration that no one can resist! Make this email header design yours now!

Nowadays, there is too much content and not enough time for everyone to read it, people are spending less and less time reading marketing emails. Since your email headers are the very first thing your readers see and use to decide whether to read more of your email or move on to the next one, it is crucial that you pay attention to them. Find out more at VP Online Graphic Editor, if you are looking for other banner ad designs!

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Dominant Color
600 x 200 px

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