Orange And Green Photo Book And Copyright Day Instagram Post Orange And Green Photo Book And Copyright Day Instagram Post

Orange And Green Photo Book And Copyright Day Instagram Post

When is the Book and Copyright Day? It is celebrated on 23 April. 23 April is also the day of death of Shakespeare and some other famous writers. Therefore, taking this day as Book and Copyright Day is not only for promoting reading, but also for showing the respect to those awesome writers in the history. There are usually a series of events of the day, we can share the happiness of reading with others.

Here is an Instagram poste created to promote the Book and Copyright Day. Orange and green are used as the background color of the design, looks sharp and lively. There is photo of a little girl reading books in the middle, showing the theme of the design , which is reading. Slogan is placed on the bottom of the design, while the details of the day is shown on top. By the Instagram post maker of Visual Paradigm Online, all elements on the design are customizable, including the text, image, photo, frame and also color. Composition of the design is also editable, allowing us to change the elements on it to fit our needs. Try to edit the template now and creation designs for Book and Copyright Day now!

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It's Book & Copyright Day!

It's a great day to read a book.

Date: April 23 2021

Time: 9AM - 10PM

Location: Shelfold Library

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