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Modelos de cartas de Nightingale Rose

Nightingale rose charts, also known as Coxcomb charts or polar area diagrams, are a type of data visualization used to show how different categories contribute to a whole. The chart is circular in shape and divided into segments, with each segment representing a category. The segments' size and angle are proportional to the category's value, allowing for easy comparison between categories.

Nightingale Rose Charts are often used to show data related to mortality rates or disease outbreaks, as Florence Nightingale famously did during the Crimean War. The chart's ability to display data in a clear and concise manner made it an effective tool for Nightingale to communicate the severity of the situation and the importance of hygiene practices in preventing disease. Today, Nightingale Rose Charts are still used in healthcare to visualize data related to disease prevalence, mortality rates, and other healthcare-related statistics.

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