Designer de mapa de processo

Aumente sua produtividade nos negócios com um poderoso mapa de processos

Designer de mapa de processo

Ridiculamente útil e poderoso

O mapa de processos é uma maneira amplamente aceita de estruturar e apresentar ideias de processos de negócios. O VP Online apresenta um poderoso, mas simples, designer de mapa de processos, que torna a definição do processo de negócios rápida e simples. Abaixo, discutiremos as maneiras mais comuns de usar o mapa de processos para tornar sua empresa mais eficiente e produtiva.

Use imagem nas células

Definir Processo Empresarial

Define your business process by documenting its process flow, steps, responsibility and outcome all in a comprehensive process map. You can set up the maps with the columns, rows, and format in just a few clicks.

Use imagem nas células

Melhore a comunicação

By defining your business processes as process maps and putting them in the hands of your team, team members can understand and follow without ambiguity. The matrix format also makes communication quick and convenient.

Use imagem nas células

Use como ferramenta de análise

process workers can use the process map designer for analysis by taking advantage of its matrix interface. A rich set of analysis tools are provided for root cause analysis, competitor analysis and more, while you can still create your own in just a few clicks.

Definir processo em apenas alguns passos

VP Online is simple and intuitive. You can create columns, rows and toggle cell editing all with simple mouse clicks, and re-arrange columns and lanes drag-and-drop.

Poucos cliques para criar um mapa

Múltiplos formatos de dados

As a flexible process mapping tool, VP Online supports multiple cell formats to fit different process definition needs. You can create a cell of text, item list, numbered item, etc.s

Múltiplos formatos de dados

Use imagem nas células

Get bored with using text to describe activities? Try images. Create visually stunning process map by using images. You can use image in a particular cell, a row of cells or all cells. It's up to you!

Use imagem nas células

Células de mescláveis

Combine all the cells in a row to become one, which is particularly useful when you want to include process-wide information (e.g. process background) in the map.

Células de mapa mescláveis

Visualização de dados usando gráficos

You can include different kinds of chart into your process map to present statistical data. Besides traditional chart types such as column chart, line chart and area chart, advanced chart type like emoji chart is provided, making it so easy to present the change of emotion throughout a process.

Visualização de dados com gráficos

Mais de 40 modelos de processos para diferentes indústrias e empresas

Ready to create your process map? Hold no. Instead of starting things from scratch, you may start with an existing process map template and customize it to suit your business needs. VP Online comes with a large collection of process map templates for a wide variety of needs. Below, we will list out some of the process templates. Click on an image to view it or click the Edit button to start editing straight away. More process map examples are available in the process map software.

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