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Customer experience made visible

Customer Journey Mapping is emerging as a key tool for managing user experience programs that creates a holistic view of customer experience by visualizing data points from across groups and different stakeholders into an integrated map structure. It combines two powerful instruments: storytelling and visualization for helping your business to understand and address customer needs.

Customer Journey Mapping facilitates the studying of customer experience by modeling their thoughts and feelings through the touchpoints, which are the points of interactions that might alter the way the customers feel about a product, brand, business or service, empowering businesses to make value-driven decisions based on a customer experience model.

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  1. Estágios

    Critical milestones of a customer journey.

  2. Persona

    A fictional character developed to represent a specific group of customer.

  3. Separadores

    Establish meaningful grouping to lanes.

  4. Lanes

    A particular aspect of customer journey. Typical journey map has lanes that describe the touchpoints, customer emotions, thinking and ideas for improvements.

  5. Bullet item cell format

    List information in item base.

  6. Apply color code for items

    Categorize items by applying different color code.

  7. Célula de gráfico configurável

    Compare a set of statistical information with cell-based chart.

  8. Gráfico de área

    Show or compare a quantitative progression over time.

  1. Numbered items (Cross stages)

    Describe the steps of a journey with numbered items.

  2. Gráfico de Experiência do Cliente

    Present the change of customer emotion over time. The nodes refer to the items listed in a particular lane.

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Ferramenta de mapeamento de jornada do cliente - conjunto de recursos 3 11 12 13
  1. Use imagens nas células

    Visualize a customer journey with images.

  2. Célula descrição

    Besides listing information point by point, you can also write description for the entire cell.

  3. Rostos sorridentes

    Present the change of customer emotion throughout the stages with smiley faces.

  1. Numbered items (Within stage)

    Describe the steps within a stage with numbered items

  2. Items traceability in lanes

    Link between touchpoints, customer thinking/feeling and ideas for improvements.

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Trace between touchpoints, customer thoughts and ideas

Customer journey can shed light on product strategies, which typically composes by a number of inter-related levels: such as Action, Thinking, Feeling and so on.

Visual Paradigm automatically maintains the traceability among them in a holistic structure. You can make a customer thought associated with a touchpoint and in turns, suggest for improvement action(s) for addressing a particular customer thought in a sequence of chain manner. The linkages of the data are shown on the journey map, enabling you to identify silos and gaps more effectively.

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