Heatmap Chart Example: Sales Team Achievements in Q1 and Q2 2017


Using the Heatmap Chart Tool you can create a Heatmap Chart reflecting the achievements of a sales team during the first quarter and the second quarter of 2017. We can see the individual salesman on the team and the achievement they've made in the amount of USD.

Feel free to edit this Heatmap Chart template with you own set of data. Just click Use this Template to start. Or you can create your own by clicking the Create Blank button.

What is a Heat Map?

Heat map can be used to compare complex data. As a heat map uses colors to describe each matrix individual's value, having the column and row representing either the attributes or objects respectively, viewers can compare the values of attributes between objects. However, due to the lack of exact numeric figures, sometimes it is not able to compare values that have similar color.

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