Why do clothes go on sale? For the companies for fashion, there is a need for updating the new design of clothes for selling that match the fashion trend. So, some companies used to offer sales on the previous season of clothes. They offer a discount on the old design of clothes and promote new clothes. Some people will buy the clothes at a discount as it may not be affordable to buy clothes at the original price. This is a Facebook post template designed for Apparel sales. This is a simple design for apparel sales. An image of fashion is designed as the background of the design. it is a good way to showcase the clothes of a shop with a large image. This Facebook post for apparel sales is designed through Visual Paradigm Online. With this online design tool, you are allowed to design your own Facebook post with dozens of templates provided. You are allowed to select some templates that you like and do customization of them. It is an easy-to-use to create the graphic in a fast way.

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Publicações do Facebook Template Specifications:
Este modelo de publicação no Facebook pode ser totalmente personalizado. Pode editar o conteúdo, substituir a(s) imagem(ns), alterar as cores, adicionar ou remover blocos de design e muito mais.
Dominant Color
940 x 788 px

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