Purple Birthday Cake Greeting Card

Purple Birthday Cake Greeting Card Purple Elegant Illustrated Birthday Card Editar este modelo
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Here is a birthday greeting card you can use to greet your loved ones a happy birthday in a cute and eye-catching way! The greeting card features a large birthday cake and candle on a light purple background. It will surely stand out from the crowd and send your love and affection to your family and friends.

This birthday card template was created with Visual Paradigm Online's greeting card maker. While you can use it right away, you can also customize the design by adding your own touch to it. For instance, change or add icons, and photos, adjust the fonts and colors, and even add a picture of the birthday boy or girl!

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Cartões de felicitações Template Specifications:
Este modelo de cartão de felicitações pode ser personalizado e estilizado de acordo com as suas necessidades. Pode alterar os blocos de design, cores, imagens, editar o conteúdo e muito mais.
Dominant Color
600 x 400 px

Happy Birthday!

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