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Breast Cancer Prevention Infographic

Breast cancer is the number one cancer of women in developed and developing countries. Due to increased life expectancy, urbanization and the adoption of Western lifestyles, the incidence of breast cancer in developing countries is rising. Although some risks can be reduced through prevention, these strategies cannot eliminate most breast cancers that develop in low- and middle-income countries because these countries are diagnosed as advanced. Therefore, early detection to improve the survival rate of breast cancer is still the cornerstone of breast cancer control.

Top 10 Key Risk Factors of Breast Cancer

  • Being a Woman

  • Age - breast cancer goes up as you get older (55 and up)

  • Family History - Your chance is doubled if you have had one first-degree female (sister, mum, daughter) diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • Genetics - It is known that approximately 5% to 10% of breast cancers are inherited.

  • Radiation to Chest or Face Before Age 30

  • Certain Breast Changes

  • Being Overweight

  • Smoking

  • Lack of Exercise

  • Drinking Alcohol

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