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Infographic Of Cycling Tips for Beginners

Cycling is a good habit of continuous exercise. It can help shape a healthy lifestyle. You can use cycling as a form of transportation, leisure or fierce competition.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

Albert Einstein

One of the great advantages of cycling is that it's simple, fun and enjoyable, even if you're a beginner who hasn't ridden a bicycle for many years. As long as you want to ride, you don't forget it easily. Buying a bike doesn't have to be pricey. Obviously, depending on the type of bike you want and how many accessories you want to add, there are bikes that suit most budgets.

Here is some safety Tips for Cycling:

  • Pump your tyres to the right pressure

  • Prepare your saddle height and seat position

  • Get your cycling protective gloves and mitts

  • Wear a brightly colored and properly fitted protective mask.

  • Wear bright, light and fluorescent clothing, particularly at night or in poor light.

  • Choose the right type and cycle size for you.

  • Take water and food

  • The Cycle must be equipped with an alarm bell and a red reflector on the back.

  • Obey traffic rules, including traffic signals, traffic signs and road markings.

  • Make sure that the brakes are properly adjusted and in good working order, and that the wheels can be effectively stopped.

  • Start small and build up the distance you can ride

  • Find some ride buddies

  • Before you start, draw the itinerary and route

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