Infographic about Paris Paris Infographic

Infographic about Paris

With a population of approximately 2148,271 and an area of 105 square kilometers (41 square miles) as of 2020, Paris is France's capital and most populous city. Paris has been one of the major European centers of commerce, diplomacy, industry, architecture, science and art since the 17th century.

Paris, and with good reason, is one of the most attractive destinations for visitors. There are numerous forgotten landmarks, interesting history, and some of the world's finest cuisine.

For sightseeing, Paris has plenty to promote. Five very famous examples are here:

  1. The Eiffel Tower - The Tower was designed in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel and has 6,300 tons (13.9 million pounds) of iron, 18,000 iron bars and 2.5 million rivets, making it one of the most popular attractions in Paris. At 300 meters high, it was the tallest tower in the world for a long time.

  2. The Louvre is a museum - There are many famous ancient works of art in the Louvre, such as Mona Lisa and Venus of Milo. The building was built for the king of France. The Louvre is the third largest museum in the world, with 60000 square meters (650000 square feet) of exhibition rooms.

  3. The Orsai Museum used to be a train station, but now it is an art gallery. Most of the works of art in the Orsai Museum were completed between 1848 and 1915. It is newer than the artworks in the Louvre.

  4. The Moulin Rouge - Opened in 1889, Moulin Rouge is a ballroom with many performances. Located in Montmartre, part of Paris, it has an exciting nightlife. In the Rouge, the women performed a famous dance called the French cancan Dance.

  5. The Champs Elysees is probably the most famous street in Paris and one of the most famous in the world. There are shopping and eating places everywhere. The end of the Champions League is the Arc de Triomphe.

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