Pumpkin Carving Party Invitation

Pumpkin Carving Party Invitation

Pumpkin Carving Party is an activity celebrating the Halloween festival, it is a fun activity for making pumpkin-themed decorations and putting them in your house. You can easily decorate your home with the Jack-O-Lantern. Since Irish immigrants introduced their practice of carving root vegetables to the United States, Jack-o'-lanterns made from pumpkins have become a yearly Halloween tradition. This is an invitation template designed for Halloween. In the design, various graphics of Halloween elements like pumpkins, and skeletons' hands are designed to match the Halloween theme. The party details like venue and time are also designed to give information to the comers. This postcard template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. With the online design tool in Visual Paradigm Online, you can easily choose a template that you like and customize the texts, colors, images, etc. It is an easy-to-use design tool for all people.

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