Fashion Week Poster

Fashion Week Poster

Four fashion weeks: New York, London, Paris, Milan. The four major fashion weeks are held twice a year, which are divided into two parts: autumn and winter fashion week (February and March) and spring and summer fashion week (early September and October).

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Each time, more than 300 fashion shows are held in about one month. The specific time is not certain, but they are all released in this period. Others are Berlin Fashion Week, Japan fashion week, Hong Kong Fashion Week and China International Fashion week.

New York Fashion Week - the International Fashion Week held in New York every year has a supreme position in the fashion industry. Famous designers, famous brands, famous models, stars and gorgeous fashion clothes are interwoven together to create a luxurious fashion event.

London Fashion Week - One of the four major fashion shows in the world. Although it is not as famous as the fashion shows in Paris and New York, it is known for its alternative clothing design concepts and peculiar exhibition formats. Some "fancy clothing" is ingenious. It was presented in a way that brought surprises to the audience.

Paris Fashion Week - Paris is known as the center of the clothing center. Most of the internationally recognized top-level clothing brand design and sales headquarters are located in Paris. The message sent from here is the vane of international fashion trends, not only leading the direction of the French textile and clothing industry, but also leading the trend of international fashion.

Milan Fashion Week - Milan is one of the centers of the world's fashion industry, and its fashion is well-known all over the world. Italy is a large and powerful country in the production of textiles and garments. The Italian textile and garment industry products are world-renowned for their perfect and exquisite design and superb post-processing technology, especially the top brand-name products of Italian men's and women's fashion and leather clothes, leather shoes, leather bags, etc.

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Fashion Week

June 23

2021  |  3pm

123 street name NY 10011

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