Christmas Holidays Raffle Ticket

Christmas Holidays Raffle Ticket Christmas Holidays Raffle Ticket Editar este modelo
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Christmas Holidays Raffle Ticket
Christmas Holidays Raffle Ticket

How do raffle games work? In a raffle, participants buy numbered tickets in exchange for a chance to win various prizes. At the appointed time, winners are selected at random from a container containing duplicates of each number. Do you wish to participate in a raffle?

Here is a ticket template designed for a raffle game. It is a simple ticket designed for the raffle game during the Christmas holiday. In this ticket, an image of a Christmas decoration is designed as the photo background of the ticket. It suits the Christmas theme of the raffle. Simple font text of the event title "Christmas Holiday Fundraising Raffle" is designed on the template as well. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. This tool makes it simple to edit images, colors, forms, etc. Using the tool palette, modifications can also be made to photos' brightness, contrast, and exposure.

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Bilhetes Template Specifications:
Este modelo de bilhete pode ser personalizado de acordo com as suas necessidades, alterando o conteúdo, substituindo imagens e componentes de design, etc.
Dominant Color
850 x 280 px

Christmas Holidays - Fundraising Raffle

First Prize:$450

Second Prize: $300

Third Prize: $150

Terms & Conditions

  1. This ticket is non-refundable.

  2. This ticket cannot be resold to others.

  3. Tickets without signatures will be forfeited.

  4. The winners will be notified through phone/SMS.

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