Free Infographic Maker

Create professional infographics in minutes, with pro. infographic templates and an intuitive visual design editor.

Free Icons and Photos

Electrify your infographics with a wide variety of free icons, stock photos, illustrations and cliparts. Scale up or down your vector artworks virutally infinitely without the losing any image quality. Avoid pixelation while ensuring high resolution artwork on all your projects.

Intuitive Inforaphic MakerEditor

Create great design online easily and effortlessly with Visual Paradigm's intuitive online infographic tool. Add shapes, icons, photos, illustration and text into your design. Move and resize them. No design experience? No problem. Our infographic maker is made for non-designers: Just drag and drop. You're done! The smart drag-and-drop editor helps you get things done faster and easier.

Wide Variety of Charts and Maps

Create any chart you like: line, bar, doughnut, pie, radar, bubble, rose, heatmap, etc. Just enter your data to get instant results. You can also switch between chart types without losing your data.