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All in One Graphic Design Tool

100,000 Free Icons and Photos

100,000 Free Icons and Photos

Create beautiful brochures with our library of free icons, photos and cliparts. The graphics are in vector, meaning that they will remain look good upon resizing.

Design Brochure with Drag-and-Drop

Develop beautiful brochure with drag and drop. The drag-and-drop editor makes brochure design easy and quick. It lets you add new icons, shapes, artworks and text to your brochure design with drag and drop.

Powerful Formatting Functions

Change the color of icons, shapes and graphic elements through the smart color swapping function. It also features a wide collection of different fonts that are available for free.

Replace Shapes and Icons with Ease

Visual Paradigm Online features a large set of templates that can help you design your brochures within minutes. Customization is super simple. You can change the icons and pictures in a template through drag-and-drop. The position of elements will remain unchanged. No deletion and re-creation is needed.

Layout Components

Visual Paradigm Online features a large set of layout components that help you layout your design in the way you preferred. When you resize a layout cell, the content within will be resized automatically. No manual touch up is needed.

Create beautiful designs on-the-fly

No credit card required. No contracts to cancel. No downloads. No hidden costs.