Calendars are useful tools for remembering upcoming occasions, deadlines, and accomplishments. These can help you see your schedule more clearly and act as a reminder of important occasions, such as holidays and vacations.

Here is a calendar template designed with a home style. This is a simple and elegant calendar design with photos and text. In this template, various interior designs in different colors are designed on each page of the calendar. The primary color scheme of the design uses soft hues. The calendar also includes designated dates and arranged spaces for scheduling purposes. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. You can easily choose a template in different categories that you like for customization. You can also freely edit the designs with texts, colors, images, shapes, etc.

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Календари Template Specifications:
Этот шаблон календаря может быть настроен в соответствии с вашими целями. Вы можете редактировать содержимое, заменять изображения, менять цвета, добавлять или удалять дизайнерские блоки и многое другое.
Dominant Color
1920 x 1080 px

Создание красивого дизайна "на лету

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