Blue Gradient Running Photo Fitness YouTube Channel Art

Blue Gradient Running Photo Fitness YouTube Channel Art Blue Gradient Running Photo Fitness YouTube Channel Art Редактировать этот шаблон
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If you feel bored when doing sports by yourself, why not do it with people who have the same interests? Even for some individual sports, such as running, you can meet up to run together. When you have some partners, you will be more willing to move forward. Start making friends and start doing sports now!

After finding a partner, it would be wonderful to have a channel to record your memories. Here is an example of channel art created for a running team. Blue is used as the background color with gradient. Photo in the middle is also covered with a layer of blue, so that the color theme of the whole design are unified. A short sentence is placed under the title, showing the team beliefs. By the channel art maker of Visual Paradigm Online, you can edit the elements to fit your needs as they are all customizable. Try to create with your favorite topic and create a design for your channel!

Not quite the channel art design you were looking for? Check out InfoART for more creative channel art templates, pin the one you like and start your creation!

Искусство канала YouTube Template Specifications:
Этот художественный шаблон канала YouTube может быть настроен в соответствии с вашими целями. Вы можете редактировать содержимое, заменять изображения, менять цвета, добавлять или удалять блоки оформления и многое другое.
Dominant Color
2560 x 1440 px

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