Why fashion is important? Fashion is all about self-expression, you can express your style by wearing an outfit. It is a way to give people the first impression through fashion because people tend to look at what are wearing at first sight. It is another way to give someone confidence by wearing good outfits. It makes people look smart if they dress well. This is a Facebook post template designed for fashion. In this template, various images are used for creating a photo collage. Images related to fashion are cropped in rectangular form and form various layers. It is an interesting design in using images to create different layers of design. This template is created with Visual Paradigm Online. In Visual Paradigm Online, you can distribute your design elements into different layers, you can add, duplicate, delete and select each of the layers you created. It is a fast function for you to create design effectively with the separation of design layers.

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Посты Facebook Template Specifications:
Этот шаблон сообщения в Facebook можно полностью настроить, добавив в него брендинг компании, изображения, контент и элементы дизайна.
Dominant Color
940 x 788 px

Создание красивого дизайна "на лету

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