Free UML Editor Online

It's a free, web-based drawing software for UML diagrammers

Here is a Free UML Editor!

Visual Paradigm Online is a popular and robust online UML editor, with lots of simple and advanced diagramming features that support different UML diagramming needs. For beginners, there are plenty of UML examples and templates to help you get started in creating your own UML diagrams. The Free edition is free for non-commercial use and support everything you need in system design: UML, ERD, Organization Chart and more. You may upgrade to higher editions for more diagrams like flowchart, ArchiMate, PERT, BPMN, mind map, PERT with a very low cost.

Everything you need to create amazing UML class diagram and more


Free UML diagram software ready for non commercial uses!

  • Create unlimited number of diagrams and shapes
  • No limited period of access
  • No ads

簡單 & 快速繪圖

使用我們直觀的在線流程圖編輯器創建出色的在線圖表。 突出特點:

  • 基於拖放的編輯器
  • 可靠的連接器(沒有分開的)
  • 格式化複印機
  • 保留一個形狀模板庫以供重複使用
  • 數百個啟動模板


Draw better UML diagrams with the use of powerful editing tools. Here are some of the editing features to support you in creating brilliant UML diagrams:

  • Alignment guide: Position shapes accurately
  • Embed your own image, URL and text
  • Shape and line formatting options
  • Rotatable shapes and text
  • Group, align and distribute shapes
  • Auto. create shape from item list


  • 終身免費
  • 沒有圖表數量限制
  • 沒有圖形數量限制
  • 全方位繪圖工具:ERD工具、UML工具、組織結構圖工具、平面圖工具、ITIL,商業概念圖
  • 無縫升級至付費版本以獲取更多更強大的圖表類型和功能
  • 全面兼容各款瀏覽器,並適用於所有作業系統 - Mac, Windows, Linux
  • 拖拽式操作,無需學習和培訓就能輕鬆繪製出專業的圖表。
  • 多種多樣的格式選項(形狀和線條,純色和漸變色),40多種連接器類型,RTF標題,字體選項,陰影效果等
  • 用自己的形狀繪製自己的圖。
  • Visio 圖表和模板導入
  • 兼容多種文件格式,一鍵導出 PNG,JPG,SVG,GIF,PDF,方便您與他人進行分享
  • 數百個圖例和模板,讓您輕鬆創建出各種專業圖表
  • 將圖表儲存至 Google 雲端硬盤
  • 輕鬆地將文字,外部圖像和網頁鏈接嵌入到圖表中


只需瀏覽下面的UML 圖表示例,點擊開啟圖表打開編輯器,您將親眼印證我們所說的一切 。