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What is your impression of fitness? One after another focus on the exercise in front of the person, with the cold equipment around - the gym to the impression of people is probably also cold, right? In fact, it is not, as more and more people join the ranks of fitness, especially the younger generation to join the gym injected a new vitality. In response to the market trend, the image and operation mode of gyms and fitness club are becoming rich and varied.

Here is an example of a fitness club channel art design created by design tool of Visual Paradigm Online. Title is clearly shown in the middle to tell audience the owner of the channel. Frame is added to the photo, while colorful decorations are placed surrounding it. The whole design looks modern and eye-catching. By the channel art maker, all elements on the design are customizable, which means that you can change the decorations, edit the text, and even change the frame to another. Edit the template and start preparing a great channel art now!

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YouTube 頻道藝術 Template Specifications:
此 YouTube 頻道藝術模板可進行定制,以創建符合您需要的設計。你可以編輯內容、更換圖片、更改顏色、添加或刪除設計塊等。
Dominant Color
2560 x 1440 px