Covid 19 玫瑰图

100% Stacked Rose Chart 模板。Covid 19 玫瑰图 (由 Visual Paradigm Online 的100% Stacked Rose Chart软件制作) 编辑此模板
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Charts are a great tool for communicating information in visual manner. With Visual Paradigm's chart maker, you can easily design and share your own charts online. We support a wide variety of different chart types like: 100% stacked rose charts, pie charts, area charts, line charts, bubble charts and radar charts.

100% Stacked Rose Charts Template Specifications:
Don't waste time with complicated software. Visual Paradigm's 100% stacked rose chart templates help you produce beautiful and professional 100% stacked rose charts easily. Simply click on the Edit button to get started. Edit the chart data, touch-up the color and font to complete it. Get things done in minutes.
Dominant Color
1600 x 900 px