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100,000 个免费图标和照片

100,000 个免费图标和照片


Design Report with Drag-and-Drop

Easily build your report with drag and drop. You can add text, icons, shapes and other artworks to your report - all with drag and drop.

Format Graphic Elements

Update the color of icons, shapes and graphic elements through the smart color swapping function. It also features a wide collection of different fonts that are available for free.

Drag to Replace Icons and Artworks

No matter you want to replace a default avatar with your photo or to update their other artwork, you can easily replace graphic content through drag-and-drop. The position of elements will remain unchanged. No deletion and re-creation is needed.

Layout Components

It is so important for a report to look professional. Visual Paradigm Online features a rich set of layout components that help you partition your content nicely. When you place a graphical resource into a layout region, it will be auto resized to fit the region. And when you resize a region, the content within will be resized accordingly. All these helps you create a professionally report in minutes.


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