College Application Roadmap Infographic College Application Roadmap Infographic

College Application Roadmap Infographic

More and more students are choosing to be educated abroad. For them, the doors of many of the world's most famous educational institutions are open. The difficulty is that each country has separate admission rules for foreign citizens, and public and private universities have different admission plans.

Educational institutions have several standard admission models for foreign applicants. The training provided by a foreign educational institution requires you to be fluent in a foreign language. Usually, this is English, even in non-English Ito countries.

The applicant’s language ability is determined based on the test results:

Use English-TOEFL and IELTS;

In France-DALF;

In Germany - Test DaF;

In Spanish-DELE;


Another prerequisite for admission to a foreign university is to pass a 12-year course of study and to provide documents showing that applicants have a certain amount of money, which in theory can cover expenses such as living expenses, medical insurance premiums and student club fees.

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