Blue And Gold Photo Grid Graduation Party Invitation Blue And Gold Photo Grid Graduation Party Invitation

Blue And Gold Photo Grid Graduation Party Invitation

How does the college graduation party make sense?

The party could be divided into three parts:

  • Part one, recalling your campus life!

  • Part two: praise my alma mater!

  • Part three: create a brilliant life!

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Part one: you usually have problems in school, no matter in study, communication between students and teachers, or getting along with classmates. But from the problems, you can reflect a kind of "feeling". You can express these ordinary and unforgettable things through songs and skits! Let the students and teachers have deep feelings!

Part two: you have lived in this school for several years, and you must have endless feelings for it, so you can also express this feeling through songs, poetry recitation, or dance! And the most important expression is your gratitude to your alma mater and teachers!

Part three: you are about to face the society and start to manage your own life. What your own life will be like in the future is all in your hands, so we should appeal to you to work hard and create your own brilliant life! It can also be expressed in the program!

Some interactive links can be interspersed in the program, such as saying something from the heart. Students can say what they usually want to say but dare not to say to the teacher on the spot, or the teacher can encourage students on the spot. This link should be very touching and unforgettable!

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You are invited to join the Graduation Party of class of 2021!

Date: 17 June 2021

Venue: Benedict College

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