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In the 1950s, Dr. Williams-Edwards-Deming, a prominent management consultant, came up with the concept of the Deming cycle. He wants to create a framework to determine how a product or service meets customer needs, propose PDCA by creating a process that describes how a product or service meets customer needs, and introduce PDCA as a solution.

The Benefits of PDCA Lean Approach

  • promote continuous process improvement.

  • prevent recurring errors in the process.

  • prevent time from being wasted executing ineffective or poor solutions.

  • allow you to test possible solutions on a small scale and in a controlled environment.

  • promote teamwork through brainstorming and problem-solving skills.

  • provide a standardized approach to continuous improvement that can be used by employees in any department to solve new problems.

  • help to overcome internal barriers, thus keeping costs low.

What is PDCA Cycle?

PDCA is an iterative, four-stage approach to problem-solving. It includes Plan, Do, Check, and Act. We can think of the basic structure of problem solving at each stage of the enterprise as the plan-do-check-act cycle. It helps us to consider various solutions to the challenge and validate them before applying them on a large scale. The PDCA approach can be seen in all types of business environments, including new product creation, project, change management, and supply chain management.

  1. Plan: identify the root cause of the problem and then plan a change or test for improvement.

  2. Do: make changes or tests, preferably on a small scale or on a small scale.

  3. Check: check whether the expected results have been achieved, whether errors have occurred, and what has been learned.

  4. Act: if the expected results are achieved, adopt the changes. If the result is not ideal, the knowledge obtained from the previous cycle is used to repeat the cycle.

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