Keep Your House Clean Infographic Keep Your House Clean Infographic

Keep Your House Clean Infographic

Many of us have developed the basic habits of keeping our home clean, including ventilation, making beds, washing clothes or cleaning the kitchen. These basic habits into our daily life, can help us keep the house clean. If we use them, we will not only make the house tidy, but also help to make the "routine cleaning" of the house lighter and faster.

  1. Ventilate the bedroom - Ventilation in the bedroom in the morning can be very different. We regenerate the air in the room and ventilate the bedding. We can do that in the shower.

  2. Make the bed - Once the room is well ventilated, the bed will not be laid for more than two minutes.

  3. Pack Your Clothes - Every morning or evening, when you're getting your clothes ready, this is a great opportunity to collect those clothes on your bed, or on your chair. Some go back to the closet, some go straight to the laundry basket. We can use this moment to check whether it is necessary to put it in the washing machine.

  4. Clean the bathroom - after showering. A sprayer made with equal amounts of water and vinegar and cotton cloth will help us clean surfaces, mirrors, faucets. Sprayers and rags will have to be installed in the bathroom, or we will find it easier not to do so.

  5. Clean up the kitchen - After dinner, we recommend that you allocate 10 clock minutes to tidy up and clean up the kitchen. Washing the dishes or putting them in the dishwasher will be our first priority.

  6. Everything is in its place - it's about choosing a time of day to do some review of the living and dinning rooms. We will change the cushions and chairs and put the rubbish in bags.

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