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Anniversary Invitation

Memorial Day refers to a special event that happened on a certain day in a certain year, which makes the memory of the parties, groups, or a nation deep and significant. On that day every year, people, groups, or countries will celebrate, remember or mourn in different ways. And the national or religious memorial day will generally take a day off as a legal holiday.

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In countries that value wedding anniversaries, items are used to name the age of marriage. In different countries, the names are slightly different. The generic name is as follows:

  • The 2nd anniversary (Cotton Wedding) is a bit thicker.

  • The 3rd anniversary (Leather Wedding) is starting to feel a bit tenacious.

  • The 4th anniversary (Silk Wedding) is tightly entwined.

  • The 5th anniversary (Wood Wedding) has become as solid as Wood.

  • The 6th anniversary (Iron Wedding) is as solid as Iron

  • The 7th Anniversary (Copper Wedding) like Copper, does not rust.

  • The 8th Anniversary (Bronze / Pottery Wedding) is beautiful but need to be taken care of.

  • The 9th Anniversary (Pottery Wedding) not to be beaten by the wind and rain

  • The 10th Anniversary (Tin Wedding) is shining and will not be broken.

  • The 20th Anniversary (China Wedding) is smooth and free to care for.

  • The 25th Anniversary (Silver Wedding) the first big celebration after marriage.

  • The 30th Anniversary (Pearl Wedding) is round, beautiful and precious.

  • The 35th Anniversary (Coral Wedding) is bright red and precious

  • The 40th Anniversary (Ruby Wedding) has eternal color.

  • The 45th Anniversary (Sapphire Wedding) is precious and splendid.

  • The 50th Anniversary (Golden Wedding) the second major wedding ceremony after marriage.

  • The 55th Anniversary (Jade Wedding) there is nothing to ask for in life

  • The 60th Anniversary (Diamond Wedding) should be awarded... !

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25 Anniversary

Date & Time: 16th May (Friday) | 8-11pm

Location: Central Club

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