Graduation Red Congratulation Of Graduation 2020 Invitation


Gardenia blossoms again, surrounded by the faint fragrance of flowers. After the rain against the background of petals everywhere, there is always a touch of sadness. June night breeze gently blowing, it was the taste of graduation.

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Graduation from primary school, there is no special feeling, the only feeling is happy, can have a summer vacation, for the first time no summer homework, no annoying cram school, no teacher parents serious face. All I could think of cold ice cream and a video games that would never end.

Graduated from college, no longer as easy as primary or high school, so happy. Confused we began to understand what is separation, what is turned around is a life. The same graduation photo, but contains a completely different feeling from the high school graduation. Behind the dozens of young faces, there was the sadness of parting.

We look forward to graduation because we long for freedom. We are afraid to graduate because we are worried about the future. We are in infinite conflict because graduation means parting and uncertainty. This is a necessary process, but we have no choice. This is growth, something we both experience and miss.

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Graduation - Class of 2020

Date & Time: 21 July (Sunday) | 7PM


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