How To Be Creative Infographic How To Be Creative Infographic

How To Be Creative Infographic

The process of bringing fresh and creative ideas into reality is imagination. Creativity is characterized by the desire to see the world in different ways, to uncover secret patterns, to hide the world. But creative thinking is not about creating from a blank sheets, but rather about taking what is already existing and integrating certain bits and pieces in a way that has not previously been done. In other words, a creative process is the act of creating new connections or identifying relationships between concepts between old ideas.

The Barriers of Creative

An obstacle to creative thinking is often overcome by our own herd mentality. If we are not recognized or agreed by the group, we will feel lonely and nervous. The more creative your ideas are, the less good advice they give you. You don't know how good your idea is when it comes up. It's the same with other people.

Humans are naturally creative, but as they age, they are taught to be less creative. Imagine: when you were a child, you focused on art classes, you went to dream, you even wanted to pick the stars from the sky. When you grow up, you are told that you should be down-to-earth.

According to Linda Naiman, "Can Creativity Be Taught? Give us some hints about creativity:

Traditional teaching methods, such as reading, lectures, exams and rote merintion, are worse than useless.

Becoming creative is a process of unlearning, not learning.

We don't learn to be creative. We must be creative people.

The quickest way to be creative is to be with someone creative.

Creativity is highly related to learnability.

Allow ourselves to make mistakes.

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