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Whose skin is good after 10 years for girls who insist on plain face and make-up?

It's said that women's appearance depends on dressing, but many girls really feel that it's hard to make up every day, and they have to take off their make-up well after work at night. If they don't take off their make-up, they will have skin problems. And girls who insist on the plain face will not have the trouble of removing makeup at all. But have you ever thought about ten years later, those girls with plain faces have better skin or those who have been making up for many years?

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Should we insist on plain face or make-up?

Wearing makeup every day can cause serious skin problems. Most cosmetics sold in the market contain chemicals, colors, additives, and preservatives, and some are even poisonous.

  • Women should wear makeup lightly and occasionally.

  • Women rarely check products for ingredients and don't throw them away when they expire.

  • It's important to take off your makeup before you retire.

Skincare vs Makeup

Girls who do not makeup should also develop a good habit of skincare. And I found that the more beautiful people on their own requirements are, the more diligent in maintenance, but those who are not very good skin are not very attentive to their skin maintenance. Daily protect skin is not pure ground all sorts of essence emulsion, bottle jar is smeared on the face completely, every beautiful woman, should establish a correct concept of protecting the skin, find the method that suits oneself to protect skin most.

Discharge Makeup

In fact, after using up cosmetics, be sure to pay attention to clean skin, remove makeup. Otherwise, the residue of cosmetics will precipitate in the skin, causing darkness. Although there is no luster, long-term accumulation will make the skin rough and dark yellow, causing pores to block, and thus affect the external skin detoxification, so that these harmful toxins long-term retention in the body.

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