Customer Journey Mapping Definitive Guide Customer Journey Map for Presentation

Customer Journey Mapping Definitive Guide

A very basic definition is the customer journey map (CJM) : an infographic that displays the steps a customer takes while engaging with a business, whether it is a product, services, online shopping experience, or some combination. The more touch points, the more complex the map gets - but it's important. A customer journey map is "from cradle to grave" occasionally, gazing at the whole customer flow of involvement.

Key Components of CJM

Persona: it is the visual expression form of the main audience or part of the audience. Usually, in order to achieve better results, they are based on qualitative and quantitative research.

Timeline: when you build a plan to be included in the customer journey map, you need to consider two schedules: limited time (for example, one week, one month, or one year) or variable phases (for example, purchase process, renewal).

Emotions: These are usually peaks and troughs that indicate the user's feelings (e.g., anger, happiness, frustration, curiosity, etc.).

Touchpoints: The communication and behavior between customers and products, services or organizations. A customer journey map's complexity is how many touchpoints it has.

Channels: represents the location or context in which interactions and operations occur.

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