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Torii is one of the buildings of Japanese shrines. According to legend, it is a kind of "enchantment" that connects the divine realm where the gods live and the secular world where humans live. Torii has many shapes, but most of them are composed of two pillars and one or two beams. Some torii have a plaque in the center of the beam. This flyer has a torii theme, it has a torii graphic, a japan pattern background, also some text boxes to give you input the information. You can try to use this template to help you create a japan style flyer template. This flyer is created from InfoART, a drag-and-drop Flyer Maker tool, adding photos, editing text, adjust fonts, switching colors, and more is fast and straightforward. You can try to use this flyer template to create your own flyer now!

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Torii - Japanese Traditional Building

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