5 Steps To Brush Your Teeth Infographic 5 Steps To Brush Your Teeth Infographic

5 Steps To Brush Your Teeth Infographic

Teeth are a very important part of your body. You can't smile nicely without your teeth, enjoy your favorite meal or chat to someone properly. Brushing your teeth properly can help prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease or gum disease, which causes at least one-third of adults to lose their teeth. If you brush your teeth incorrectly and frequently, it may cause mineral calcification and tartar formation in saliva. Poor dental health is associated with heart disease and shortened life expectancy.

Interesting Facts about Healthy Teeth

  • Heart disease and diabetes have linkage to the oral health

  • It's necessary to keep your toothbrush dry because bacteria grow faster on wet surfaces

  • Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent childhood disease and 78% of Americans have at least 1 cavity at 17 years of age

  • A smile is the best thing you can wear, so it’s important to take care of your teeth (60% of adults are attracted to somebody by their smile alone.)

Interdental Dental

Interdental cleaning (using dental floss or interdental brush) can be used together with tooth brushing. These two activities are the main means of cleaning teeth and one of the main aspects of oral hygiene.

Flossing will increase the life expectancy to 6 years and it decreases the risk of infectious infections and can also avoid heart attacks. When you're not flossing, you skip brushing about 35 percent of your tooth's surface.

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