US Election 2020 Infographic

US Election 2020 Infographic

The United States is the only country in the world that has practiced democracy for more than 200 years. The adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1788 was also the world's largest official blueprint for modern democracy.

The race for the White House has begun as the world waits for the 59th presidential election between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and interim President Donald Trump. It will be one of the most fiercely fought polls in the United States.

After months of fierce election and controversy, the US presidential election is finally over. Before this year's election day, there were more than 100 million early votes, either in person or by mail. However, the winner was still unclear on election night due to the laborious mail counting process.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the 2020 presidential election:

  1. Got Most Votes - Former U.S. Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Biden broke the record for the most votes for presidential candidates in American political history.

  2. Failed a Second Term in decades - Donald Trump, the current US president and Republican candidate, has failed to win re-election, which will be the first president since George Bush Sr. not to be re elected in the Oval Office.

  3. The Oldest President - The United States will have its oldest president ever, regardless of who wins the elections. Biden will be 78 by the day (January 20) of the inauguration), while Trump is 74.

  4. The Most costly Election - The 2020 election in the United States is the most contentious election in history, costing more than $14 billion, twice as much as the last election cycle.

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