The 5 Metaskills Infographic

The 5 Metaskills Infographic

Meta competencies are talents that educate all aspects of life and control the capacity to develop other competences. From self-awareness to self-confidence, from logical thinking to empathy, there are several distinct meta-skills. You can see why they are so important.

There is one that is supreme among the many meta-skills: the ability to learn. Knowing how to learn is what enables everything else to begin to form, and our capacity to learn also helps improve other meta-skills. Any of these may be called soft skills, but they are not just only soft skills on the whole. AI and automation will reduce demand for experts and make you stronger in the automated world by learning these skills.

Many meta-skills exist, but to stay competitive on the modern world, feeling, seeing, imagining, creating and learning is possibly most important.

  • Feeling is the talent of intuition, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

  • Seeing is the skill of seeing the big picture, of thinking holistically, of thinking in complete systems. 

  • Dreaming is the skill of applied imagination, making you a great scientist or artist, or play any role in which a premium is placed on innovation.

  • Making is the skillset of design and design thinking - playing role that depends on craft.

  •  Learning is the skill of self-teaching that lets you increase the power of your other four talents.

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