How To Create A Moodboard  Infographic Moodboard Infographic

How To Create A Moodboard Infographic

Mood boards are an excellent tool for all kinds of projects, from interior design to team projects, to fashion and even engineering projects. So, what is a mood board, anyway?

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is an accumulation of images, colors, fonts, and text to inspire you and set the mood you want. You can use the mood board to understand what feelings you want to evoke in the audience. This is a great way to keep track of where you want to go. As the project progresses, you can use it to preserve certain elements. Mood boards can also be used as inspiration boards when you encounter difficulties.

Structure of Mood Board?

Mood board design is not a fixed thing. There are many formats and applications available for creating mood boards. Creating mood boards is very personal and depends on the project. You may find that one format is suitable for a project, while the other format is completely inappropriate.

  1. Think of your mood board design as an ingredient in an unassembled puzzle or recipe. 

  2. It will contain elements that will be put together to form the final version of the project.

  3. Combine images, fonts, and other content that suits your project. 

  4. Sometimes the contrasting images may work properly with each other, so as to absorb the emotion you are looking for.

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