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Infographic About How Whisky is Made

When it comes to the raw materials of whisky, the wheat field is in my mind, but in fact, it's not only wheat that can make good whisky. Besides barley, wheat wheat, rye and corn corn are the main raw materials for whisky. However, some poor quality whiskies are made from potato or beetroot.

Raw materials for regional practice

In the case of Scotch single malt whisky, it is stipulated that barley should be used to make whisky. Some barley are like famous brands, such as the relatively red golden promise barley, and optic. There are special requirements for making whisky.

Most American whiskies are made from corn. More than 51% of American Bourbon whiskies are made from corn, and the remaining 49% are made from other malts or grains.

For example, in Japan or Taiwan, the climate is not suitable for malting. For example, Gran whisky or Yamazaki whisky are basically made from imported barley from Scotland.

Generally speaking, there are six steps in the manufacturing process of whisky as shown in the Figure, and every detail will affect the flavor of whisky

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