Big Sale For Christmas Trendy Poster Big Sale For Christmas Trendy Poster

Big Sale For Christmas Trendy Poster

How can festival marketing achieve sales growth?

In festival marketing (also know ad Holiday Marketing), we can see that the user's emotion is released in a specific day. For example, Christmas, Boxing Day, Valentine's day, mother's day and father's day are the collective spiritual and cultural products of the whole society.

The sense of collective participation created in festival marketing will create and enhance people's expectations, and people will seek some way to achieve their innermost needs and obtain the sense of collective participation.

Instagram Post template: Pink Elegant Jewelry Sale Valentines Day Instagram Post (Created by InfoART's Instagram Post maker)

(Instagram post designed for Valentines Day jewelry sale. Edit now.)

What is Holiday Marketing?

Holiday marketing (Festival Marketing) refers to the promotion activities of products and brands during festivals by using the psychology of consumers' holiday consumption, advertising, public performance, on-site sales and other marketing means, so as to improve the sales force of products and enhance the image of brands. In terms of attribution, it is a part of the whole marketing plan, not a short-term sales activity. For some festival consumer products, the significance of festival marketing is more important.

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