4 Reasons To Bring Pets to Work Infographic Pet at Workplace Infographic

4 Reasons To Bring Pets to Work Infographic

In today's business culture, pet-friendly workplaces are becoming more and more common. Google, Amazon, Ben and Jerry's, Etsy and many other big companies allow their employees to bring pets to work.

Keeping pets in the workplace has been shown to ease employee stress and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable. Pet-friendly environments help improve employee happiness and productivity. Pets are also a shared interest in building collaborative and social environments, and they are a great social bonding tool.

Here are some of the benefits of allowing employees to bring pets in the workplace:

  • Improve employee satisfaction and create a more active workplace

  • Foster conversation and improve the working relationships among employees

  • Increase productivity and fewer absences

  • Pet owners don't feel indies about keeping their dogs at home and they are less likely to return home too early

How to Implement the Pet Policy?

Outlining some of the benefits of a workplace pet policy, companies should consider developing a pet policy that Outlines the issue of responsibility and requires all pet owners to confirm the policy before it is implemented. Even so, this doesn't relieve all responsibility, but it helps set expectations, and these employees should be aware of the problems pets pose.

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