World Cancer Awareness Day Flyer Professional Purple Ribbon And Globe Flyer Design Idea

World Cancer Awareness Day Flyer

Getting diagnosed with cancer is one of the worst fears to come true. Despite the advancement in medical science, cancer still remains an alarming issue. That is why The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) strive to spread awareness around the world regarding the global cancer epidemic and the fight against this disease with World Cancer Day come February 4th.

One of the most effective ways to unite people to join the cancer awareness campaign is through the sharing of posters, flyers, social media posts that are motivational and informative. Here is a World Cancer Day flyer designed to serve the purpose. It's made by Visual Paradigm Online's flyer maker. Although the flyer is professionally designed and ready to use, it is customizable, meaning that you can replace the photo, change the color and font, and edit the text content in it. This flyer design will surely raise better awareness for cancer than ever before.

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World Cancer Awareness Day

Date & Time: 04 Feb (Monday) | Begin at 13:00

About the event:

  1. Early detection

  2. Cancer treatment

  3. Patient support

  4. Cancer prevention

We will fight together!!

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