World Whiskey Day Promotion Flyer

World Whiskey Day Promotion Flyer

Global Whiskey Celebration! Whiskey has a long and venerable history as one of the most recognizable forms of distilled spirits in the world. World Whiskey Day is a good chance to let your bar hold a promo event, this flyer is created for a bar to promo on World Whiskey Day, it is made from InfoART, an intuitive flyer design software, this cool flyer features a black and white whiskey illustration, a sharp background and the promo message. You can easily customize the design, change the text, color choice, and font selection. You can also change the illustration in the flyer, over 100k illustrations that you can select in InfoART. Let Try!

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Este modelo de folheto pode ser totalmente personalizado de acordo com as suas necessidades, quer se trate de conteúdo, cores, esquemas, blocos de design ou quaisquer outros elementos de design.
Dominant Color
827 x 1169 px

Global Whiskey Celebration

Happy hour | Free Whiskey

This promo is valid only on 15 May 2021

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