Winehouse Menu Simple And Vintage Blue Wine Menu Design

Winehouse Menu

Who drinks wine and why? Along with other benefits, it provides antioxidants, may increase lifespan, and may lessen the risk of heart disease and harmful inflammation. Interesting to notice is that red wine likely has higher antioxidant levels than white wine.

This is a menu template designed for wine. This is a simple but luxurious menu design with graphics and text. In this menu, the navy blue color is used as the main color palette of the whole menu design. Graphics of wine is designed on the left side of the menu template. Clear text of the bar name "Fountain Ferry Wine House" is also designed on the menu. This template is designed by Visual Paradigm Online. You can develop your graphics with this practical tool's tens of thousands of templates. You have the option to drag out photographs from the photo library to use as the design's background.

Are you looking for suitable templates for a menu? Consider using Visual Paradigm and choosing some designs there!

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Menus Template Specifications:
Este modelo de menu pode ser totalmente personalizado de acordo com as suas necessidades, quer se trate de conteúdo, cores, layouts, blocos de design ou quaisquer outros elementos de design.
Dominant Color
800 x 1200 px

Fountain Merry Winehouse

  1. Blanc de blanc $70

  2. Sauvignon blanc $68

  3. Cabernet zinfandel $40

  4. Lux meritage $40

  5. Chardonnay $80

  6. Pinot Gris $78

All orders are per bottle only, for special requests, please inform the our restaurant beforehand, you may call us (909) 123-456-7890. 

Also, we will pay for your parking fee, make sure to keep your ticket or by screen capture, and show us in final payment stage. The fee will be deducted relatively. We hope you enjoy your meal and welcome for any feedback.

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